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'Iddaru Chandrulu' Building Castles In Air: Roja!

'Iddaru Chandrulu' Building Castles In Air: Roja!

YSRCP has stepped up its campaiging for Warangal Lok Sabha bypoll. Noted tollywood actress and YSRCP MLA Roja has been spearheading the party's campaign with her punch-dialogues against Telangana CM K.Chandrasekhar Rao and AP CM N.Chandrababu Naidu by terming them as "Iddaru Chandrulu".

Roja's remarks on "Iddaru Chandrulu" got huge response from the public in Warangal. She termed KCR as "maatala mantrikudu" (magician of words) while Chandrababu as "mootala mantrikudu" (magician of cash bags).

Roja said both the Chadrulu are building castles in the air with their impractical promises day in and day out without allotting a single rupee to any scheme or development programme.

She said Iddaru Chandrulu are just doing 'time pass' for the past 17 months and doing nothing for the welfare of people or development of states but amassing huge wealth through corruption and commissions.

Roja said  Telangana people voted for TRS believing its promise of achieving "Bangaru Telangana" but KCR has turned it as "Graveyard Telangana" as about 1,800 farmers committed suicide in Telangana for the past 17 months due to failure of the government in tackling drought and other farmers issues.

She said AP people voted for Naidu believing his promise of building a 'world class capital city' but he is now resorting to allotment of lands in Amaravati to Singapore companies and his benamis that were forcibly acquired from farmers in the name of capital city.

Roja urged Warangal voters to teach a befitting lesson to KCR for cheating them with his false poll promises. She said both KCR and Naidu would meet the same fate like Modi met in Bihar elections recently.

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