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I Am Not Scared Of Modi, Says Pawan!

I Am Not Scared Of Modi, Says Pawan!

Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan on Thursday sought to defend his comments on domination of north Indians on south Indians in various fields.

“I am not against north India or Hindi language. What I am questioning is the hegemony of the north Indians over South Indians. Many north Indians are being appointed in  key positions in south, but are any south Indians getting any good positions in north?” he asked.

Asking the north Indians not to look down upon their southern counterparts as second grade citizens, Pawan Kalyan said such discrimination would only lead to disintegration of the country. He asserted that he would speak out the same point when he meets Modi.

“I am not scared of Modi. This is a fact and I do not hesitate to bring this to the notice of the Prime Minister,” he said.

On the postponement of Group-II examinations in Andhra Pradesh as demanded by the candidates, Pawan Kalyan said it was the victory of the students.

“I have support it because it is a genuine cause. Jana Sena will always be in the forefront in taking people’s issues to the notice of the government and fight for getting them resolved,” he said to a team of Group-II candidates who came to Jana Sena office to thank him.

Pawan Kalyan said he would extend his support to the Left parties’ agitation on May 15, demanding remunerative prices to farmers.



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