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How Can He Leave The Party When He Did Not Join It?

Gutta Sukhender Reddy is a great survivor. He enjoyed power in TDP for years and shifted to Congress and became an MP again. But, his calculations went awry and the Congress was out of power in both the State and the Centre.

Can Gutta remain out of power for long? So, he has begun looking towards the TRS and even joined the party. But, he did not wear the party scarf and said he was only backing KCR’s policies.

Pundits said he did this only to escape disqualification from Lok Sabha. However, ever since he joined TRS, he has been keeping a low profile. Nothing much was heard and KCR too seems to have forgotten Gutta Sukhender Reddy.

As if to remind KCR about him, Gutta made some interesting noises of late. He leaked that he was not interested in TRS and would leave it. That set the rumour mill abuzz. However, he has officially not resigned the Congress and is officially not a member of the TRS. So, when he did not join the TRS, where is the question of leaving it?



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