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How BJP Fell Into TDP's Trap

How BJP Fell Into TDP's Trap

Telangana BJP recently issued B-form to Dr P Devaiah, party’s candidate for Warangal parliament constituency by-election.

Devaiah is TDP-BJP alliance candidate for Warangal seat as the TDP announced its decision to support candidature of BJP for the elections.

While the TDP was keen on contesting the Warangal by-poll, the BJP made it clear that it was not going to entertain the former on this issue. So, one would feel that the BJP has had its way. Not exactly! Why?

Devaiah was not even a member of the BJP. He arrived on the 26th of October from the US and has since been pulling the strings. He took BJP membership only after he was given the B-form.

But apparently, Devaiah’s wife belongs to an upper caste and was always interested in politics. She was said to be in close touch with the leading politicians from her community apart from being an admirer of the TDP. She is said to know Chandrababu Naidu and Venkayya Naidu.

So, when Devaiah approached the BJP for B-form to contest from Warangal, the party was happy that an educated doctor from the US would be representing it and acceded. But little did it know that Devaiah was Naidu’s man!

So, Devaiah although officially contesting on the lotus symbol actually owes allegiance to Naidu.



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