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How About KTR As Andhra CM For One Day?

How About KTR As Andhra CM For One Day?

Telangana Information Technology minister KR, being the only son of chief minister KCR, is a very popular leader not only in Telangana, but also in Andhra Pradesh.

KTR himself once said he had so many fans in Bhimavaram in West Godavari district that he could even win the seat if he contested the elections there.

On Sunday, KTR received such a request from one of his fans in Andhra Pradesh.

A person Sai Kiran Reddy, in his twitter message addressed to KTR, said: “Sir, at least Oke Okkadu lo one-day CM laga ayinaa maa AP ki vundin something cheyandi. Don’t say NO please..” (Sir, be the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh at least for one day as was done in Oke Okkadu film and do something..)

KTR instantly replied: “Talk to CBN garu first…” with two laughing emogies attached to it, wondering whether Chandrababu Naidu would agree for the one-day CM proposal.

Another fan Dr M V Raman Mohan from Nellore also made a similar request saying it would be nice of KTR led Andhra Pradesh, too.

And the minister politely re-tweeted: “Telangana lo chaala pani undi doctor gaaru..” (I have a lot of work to do in Telangana, sir).

Another hard-core anti-TDP voter commented: “Sir, K A Paul is far better to lead AP,” to which KTR tweeted: “May God Bless You.”

Answering another question as who he would choose between Chandrababu Naidu and Jaganmohan Reddy, KTR cleverly replied: “I am not a voter of Andhra Pradesh to be caught in that predicament.”

Another netizen Mohan Krishna made a negative comment against KTR.

He said there were strong leaders both in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, but “leaders like you are creating rifts between the two regions. I love you as Indian, but I hate you as KTR.” The Telangana IT minister simply retorted: “I love you, too..”



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