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Honey From A Serpent's Mouth

Honey From A Serpent's Mouth

"Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were divided for better administration. But the affection between the people of both States remains.

Andhra Pradesh deserved SCS more than any state and TRS would extend all support to the TDP government and I am even ready to take part in any agitation for this cause." 

Guess who spoke these words? The great Nizamabad MP and daughter of KCR, Kavitha.

Yes! The very woman whose family spewed venom at the Andhras insulting them with vile words and derogatory language for the better part of a decade.

She was in Amaravathi to attend the National Women’s Parliament. She went to Vijayawada and was given a reception befitting a queen by the TDP cadre there.

There were flexis welcoming her at the hotel and the young MP from Nizamabad was greeted with `Jai Kavitha' slogans at the Durga temple, even as she pleaded with devotees to not raise slogans in temple premises.

Kavitha was welcomed by temple executive officer (EO) A Surya Kumari, a rarity for the EO, an IAS officer, to personally receive an MP at the entrance from where the priests took her inside with all honours.

Besides handing over the prasadam and a portrait of the goddess, she was also gifted a saree of the deity. Naidu will go to any lengths to escape from the Stephenson case. But ‘Jai Kavitha’ slogans?

Is the TDP so blinded by its lust for power that it would allow the likes of KCR and Kavitha into Andhra Pradesh, people who have humiliated the Andhras in an inexcusable manner for their political interests?

Kavitha’s new-found love for the Andhras is akin to honey coming out from a serpent’s mouth. Remember, this is the same woman who said that Telangana people did not consider themselves to be Indians by choice.



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