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Historical: 15 Lakh Turnout For Political Meeting?

Historical: 15 Lakh Turnout For Political Meeting?

Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is set to energize the YSRC rank and file at the final mega Siddham meeting in Medarametla, Bapatla district, on Sunday by unveiling the key aspects of YSRC’s 2024 election manifesto.

A total of 43 Assembly and four parliamentary constituencies’ in-charges and candidates have been assigned the task of mobilizing the crowd and ensuring travel arrangements for them.

The YSRC think tank aims to attract over a crore people to witness the Siddham event by live telecasting it on television and social media platforms and installing LED screens across Addanki for people to experience the meeting.

Health Minister Vidadala Rajini, MP Mopidevi Venkataramana, MLC Lella Appi Reddy, and other leaders have been stationed at the Siddham venue for days to oversee the arrangements.

Rajini confirmed that all preparations are in place to accommodate the expected turnout of 15 lakh people for Jagan Mohan Reddy's final Siddham meeting.

She noted that the crowd turnout has gradually increased, starting with 5 lakh in Bheemili, 7 lakh in Denduluru, and 10 lakh in Anantapur.

Rajini revealed that the Chief Minister will unveil the key points of YSRC's election manifesto to the masses during his speech.

MP Venkataramana mentioned that a ramp is being arranged so that Jagan Mohan Reddy can approach the people closely and greet them.

YSRC leaders asserted that Siddham has reached its peak through Maa Nammakam Nuvve Jagan, which has already garnered 1.05 crore downloads.

This unique song has been filmed at various locations, showcasing AP’s diverse topography and vibrant culture. Strategically, the song effectively communicates the party’s message to the grassroots, solidifying their trust in CM Jagan and YSRC, according to ruling party leaders.

According to YSRC insiders, the election notification is expected to be issued in three or four days. The YSRC election manifesto is in its final stage of preparation. However, Jagan Mohan Reddy will begin unveiling its highlights during Sunday’s meeting.

The CM will discuss "Na Kala” at the final Siddham meeting on Sunday to elucidate his vision for welfare and development.


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