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Height Of Hypocrisy By Owaisi!

Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen president Asaduddin Owaisi often claims himself to be the saviour of Muslims and only representatives of the minorities in Hyderabad.

But those who know him in close quarters say he is the biggest hypocrite and is more interested in his personal and political benefits, rather than the benefits of the community – whether he joined hands with the Congress or the TDP in the past or the TRS at present.

Some Muslim organisations are accusing Owaisi of indulging in double standards with regard to the innocent Muslims who were acquitted by the court in connection with the suicide bomb attack on the task force building at Begumpet in October 2005.

Owaisi was the first person to tweet on their acquittal, saying 10 innocent Muslims had to languish in jails for over 10 years for no fault of theirs and demanding making investigating officers accountable for arresting the innocent Muslim youth.

However, Owaisi had deserted these youth in the past. In an interview to a national newspaper in 2007, Owaisi alleged that one of the accused Mohammad Abdul Zahid was a terrorist and was more dangerous and his brother Shahid Bilal, a suspected HuJI activist who was killed in a police encounter in the past.

Owaisi sai, “There is something really wrong with Bilal and his family…his brother Zahid who is in Vishakhapatnam jail is even more dangerous and radical than Bilal. Bilal is behind the twin blasts and the Mecca mosque blast, I believe.”

“Bilal’s family stays away from me. Their father Wahad is just not ready to accept his sons are involved in terror,” the MIM leader said.

“These misguided youths call me kaafir (a non-believer), I am on their hit-list,” he added.

Now, the same Zahid came out of jail as an innocent. So, Owaisi changed his tune and came in their support to win over Muslims!



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