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Has Mudragada Dropped The Gun?

The victory of the Telugu Desam Party in Kakinada Municipal Corporation elections with over two-thirds majority has stumped the Kapu joint action committee, led by former minister Mudragada Padmanabham.

The TDP leaders sought to project it as a setback to Mudragada’s image, as Kakinada is the stronghold of Kapus on which he holds the sway. They have already started claiming that Mudragada’s agitation has no impact whatsoever on the Kapus, who are quite happy with the welfare programmes being taken up by the Naidu government through Kapu Corporation.

When a television anchor raised this question during a discussion on Kakinada municipal results, a Kapu JAC leader gave a strange reply. He said Mudragada had never asked the people to vote against TDP either in Nandyal or in Kakinada.

“We never said Naidu had not done anything for the people. All that we have been agitating for is to implement the promises made by Naidu in the TDP election manifesto providing reservations to the Kapus,” the leader said.

Does it mean the TDP had won Kakinada and Nandyal only because Mudragada had not given the call to the Kapu voters to defeat Naidu? When the anchor asked this question, the JAC leader said Mudragada would never give such a call.

“We have left it to the Kapus to whom they would vote. We only want the reservations to be implemented,” he said.

Asked about the allegation that Mudragada was acting at the behest of YSRC, the JAC leader said it was not correct.

“YSRC is just a new entrant into politics. Mudragada has been there in politics for three decades. How can he act at the instance of Jagan?” he asked.

What does that imply? Has Mudragada dropped the gun?



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