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Has He Worked As A Sarpanch At Least?

Chandrababu Naidu seems to have had enough of Pawan Kalyan’s tirade against him. The Chief Minister finally seems to have lost patience with his friend, the (Bha) Jana Sena star, Pawan Kalyan.

Responding to Pawan Kalyan’s tweet supporting the students’ stir for SCS in Vizag, Naidu shot back, “Do any of those speaking about SCS have any experience in administration? Have they worked at least as a Sarpanch of a village?  Development would come to a standstill if we keep on fighting with the Centre,” said Naidu.

The last statement by Naidu is really hilarious. “Development would come to a standstill if we keep on fighting with the Centre.”

How exactly has Naidu fought the Centre since he came to power? Could he please clarify? Is there one single instance when he has acted in a way that would have made the Andhras proud? Without any political support, people of Tamil Nadu got the Centre to take back a decision unfavorable to them.

With two ministers in the Union cabinet along with Venkayya Naidu, and being an ally of the NDA, Naidu couldn’t get for AP, something that was actually promised to the State in the sacred hall of Parliament. Even a Sarpanch would have done better!



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