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Harish Rao declines Ministry?

Harish Rao declines Ministry?

Hyderabad: After the recent setback in the Lok Sabha polls in which TRS lost 7 seats to the Congress and BJP, TRS leader KCR realised the importance of Harish Rao and his foolishness in not giving him greater responsibilities during the polls.

Harish was made responsible for Medak alone and he ensured the TR candidate won comfortably.

Apparently, KCR has had a rethink on the matter of sidelining Harish Rao and grapevine has it that KCR oared Harish a Ministry in his cabinet.

But Harish Rao politely declined the offer for reasons best known to him.

Maybe, by declining the Ministry, Harish was reassuring KCR that he had no intention of emerging as a parallel power structure in future to KTR. 



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