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Go Easy On Naidu And TDP: Amit Shah

When it swept the Lok Sabha elections and came to power at the Centre, the BJP in a state of euphoria harboured plans of coming to power on its own in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as well.

So, even though it entered into an alliance with the TDP, support for Andhra Pradesh has not been forthcoming from the Centre because of the fear that TDP would walk away with all the credit.

But the seasoned professional that Chandrababu Naidu is, he turned a blind eye to all the insults heaped upon the people of Andhra and did not sever his alliance with the BJP.

And today, even if he wants to, he cannot because he was caught red-handed in the Revanth Reddy case. But the BJP has also realized that it is a bit premature to expect to come to power in either Telangana or AP, so soon. It needs to build a base first. Therefore, it has toned down its hostility to both KCR and Naidu.

As far as the TDP is concerned, the Centre will probably turn a blind eye to the rampant corruption going on in AP in the name of ‘Amaravati’. It has also decided to allow the TDP to execute the construction of Polavaram and foot the bill for the same.

These two steps will keep Naidu and his community happy for generations to come and they will not speak about any special status. Therefore, when a delegation of AP BJP leaders visited Amit Shah recently and started to criticize Chandrababu, Amit Shah reprimanded them.

Amit Shah told them that since there was every possibility of BJP continuing the alliance with TDP in the next elections as well; it would not behoove them to be criticizing the Chief Minister.

A chastened BJP delegation returned home scratching their heads on how to avoid criticizing the TDP and yet improve its cadre base in AP.



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