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'Ghar Wapsi' Varun Baba?

Okay, the internet is already full of jokes about Rahul baba surfacing after ‘getting lost’ for quite some time. Now, the non-existent Congress party which seems to be enjoying its time being out of power, is likely to have a new member.

Well, if the talk in political lobbies is to be believed, then there are very high chances of Varun Gandhi, son of Sanjay Gandhi and Union Minister of Women and Child Development Menaka Gandhi, joining the Congress party which has been headed by his grandfather and father.

Of course, there is skepticism as the rivalry between Menaka Gandhi and Congress is well-known. In fact, the pain point was her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi, with whom she wouldn’t see eye to eye and the rivalry continued till Varun’s time. Instead of being a part of his ‘family party’, Varun joined BJP just like his mother Menaka Gandhi.

He won from Sultanpur constituency in 2014 general elections and he was appointed the general secretary, becoming the youngest general secretary in the history of the party.

In the past, Maneka Gandhi had tried her best to get BJP to make her son the CM candidate in Uttar Pradesh. But the party had conveniently side-lined him.

Now, the latest piece of gossip in political circles is that Varun is seriously considering joining the grand old party of Indian politics.

Of course, his now infamous statement from 2009, ‘cut off the hand that is raised against Hindus’ might not win him any brownie points in the Congress camp, it is said that Varun is looking to Congress as the next best option if he were to quit BJP any time soon.

Though Menaka Gandhi is a Union Minister in PM Modi’s candidate, Varun hasn’t been given a role either under Amit Shah or made a minister.

So, he is keeping himself busy writing columns on economy, health and education for now.

After ruling the country for very many decades, looks like the younger generation of Gandhis are suffering from an identity crisis within their respective parties.

While Rahul Gandhi has intense opposition from within the party for not being able to lead the party at the time of crisis, Varun continues to remain in shadows and hasn’t made a mark for himself as a promising leader for future generation.

So, given this scenario, it would be interesting to see if the ‘ghar wapsi’ as some like to call it, would actually happen or if Varun chooses to remain loyal to the Saffron party for now.



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