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Get A Clean Chit In Your Wife's Death First!

Get A Clean Chit In Your Wife's Death First!

Referring to the execution of Yakub Memon, Shashi Tharoor made a statement 'Cold-blooded execution has never prevented a terror attack anywhere.' 

So what exactly does Tharoor intend that the government ought to have done with Memon? Life-imprisonment? And with Kasab?

Life-imprisonment too, where we feed thee scum bags for the rest of their lives with the tax money of the very people whose lives these terrorists set out to destroy in the first place?

And isn’t it ironical that such comments are coming from a person who is being questioned in the case related to the murder of his own wife?

It is better that Shashi Tharoor refrain from such minority-appeasing, populist statements until he gets a clean chit first, in the murder investigation of his wife.

Kiran Sharma