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Galla Not To Seek Mahesh Babu Help In Polls!

Galla Not To Seek Mahesh Babu Help In Polls!

Telugu Desam Party MP from Guntur Galla Jayadev is a polished politician. In fact, he appears more like an industrialist than a hard core political leader.

Unlike other elected leaders, Jayadev doesn’t regularly tour the constituency and move among the people regularly, making promises and doing all sorts of political gimmicks.

People attribute his victory in the last Parliamentary elections to the campaign by his brother-in-law and popular hero Prince Mahesh Babu.

In an interview to a television channel, Jayadev said if people think he had won the elections only because of Mahesh Babu, he would not seek the latter’s help in the next elections.

“It may be a difficult for me to win the elections, but I will not ask Mahesh to campaign for me in the elections. Still, I am confident that I can make an impact on the people,” he said.

He brushed aside the allegation that he was not available to the people of Guntur always.

“I know how to overcome this campaign and win the hearts of the people,” he said, adding that he was aware he would be fighting against Vignan Rathaiah’s son in the next elections.

“I will give my best to win the elections,” he said.

On Pawan Kalyan’s allegation against him that he was using his political clout only to promote his business, Jayadev said some people would come to politics after making big money in business and other activities and others would continue to do business while doing politics.

“There is no difference between the two,” he said.



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