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Film Production Company's Rs 50 Cr Election Donations

Film Production Company's Rs 50 Cr Election Donations

It's a major film production company that has surged up so quickly in Tollywood by producing surprising films.

However, rumors suggest the company is facing financial stress with many unpaid bills and delays in payments.

Despite this, the company has reportedly donated around Rs 50 crores for the ongoing Andhra elections.

Reliable sources claim candidates in Rayalaseema, South Coast, and East Godavari districts have received financial aid from this company irrespective of party affiliations through personal contacts.

For instance, a former minister contesting from a historic town in the Godavari district allegedly received six crores, recommended by another producer with YCP relations.

Some amount was reportedly adjusted as an advance to a prominent actor involved in the Andhra elections.

This donation trend isn't unique. Many Tollywood producers support candidates based on personal connections rather than party allegiance.

Such financial assistance ranging from lakhs to crores, is common during elections and depends on the financial strength of the donors.


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