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Film City: Everyone Has Vested Interests

Film industry is a land of dreams. It’s a place where a non-entity becomes a celebrity overnight. It attracts thousands of people every year and provides employment to many.

But post bifurcation, many in the industry decided to shift base to Andhra as they did not see a bright future for the industry in Telangana.

However, since it is a huge revenue generator, Telangana CM KCR acted swiftly and allocated 2000 acres of land for the development of a new film city.

Some prominent film personalities welcomed the move and praised KCR to the skies. In fact, superstar Krishna went a step ahead and suggested that the new film city be named KCR film city.

On the other hand, Andhra CM Chandra Babu is also trying to woo the film industry to shift base to Andhra. Given this background, Mohan Babu feels that Chittoor would be an appropriate place for the industry to develop in the coming years.

And then there are others who are looking to reap benefits from both the states.

But one thing is for sure. If the industry continues here, then it has to function in keeping with the guidelines laid out by the KCR government.

Some rules might include using the Telangana accent, giving opportunities to Telangana artistes and technicians, refraining from making fun of Telangana slang, etc.

Most importantly, they will have to abide by the dictats of the T government. Hence, many are considering shifting base to Andhra. The final decision is still pending.



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