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Fan Trouble: How Will Pawan Console The Sufferers?

Popular actor and Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan visited those affected by cyclone Hud Hud in Vizag.

But his visit has ended up being rather embarrassing for the power star as his fans came in hoards to watch their favourite star.

Due to this, Pawan could not meet the sufferers and could not enquire after their plight. Though he did try to speak from a vehicle along with Minister Kamineni Srinivas and BJP MP Khambhampati Haribabu, it was obvious that his words did not reach the people he addressed.

Later, he got down from the vehicle and tried to talk to a woman, but his fans created quite a ruckus calling out his name. This resulted in total chaos and finally Pawan could not do what he came for.

Well, one can understand star power and the charisma of Pawan Kalyan. But the fans must understand the seriousness of the situation and behave accordingly.

How can Pawan go about his job if his fans become an impediment to his tour?



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