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Fact Sheet: Komatireddy In a Fix

Fact Sheet: Komatireddy In a Fix

Ex minister and Congress senior MLA Komatireddy Venkatareddy is unable to decide which way to go.

A few days back, he had said that the Telangana leaders must refrain from making any negative statements against KCR. But of late, he has been criticizing KCR and has held him responsible for the power crisis in Telangana.

He has also said that if he has to jump from Congress into TRS, he would do so after putting in his resignation as a MLA.

Reminding the past comments made against the Congress leadership, he said he made the allegations regarding the power problems in Shankerpalli and Nedunooru projects as the Congress government did not provide necessary gas supply to them.

In fact, at one stage, Komatireddy had severely criticized the Congress leadership. Now, he is criticizing the KCR government.

It appears as if he is unclear of his political future and his ambitions for the coming days.

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