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Fact Sheet: Channels Fighting Over Nellore Medicine!

Fact Sheet: Channels Fighting Over Nellore Medicine!

There has been no clarity yet on the efficacy of “Nellore medicine” prepared by self-styled Ayurvedic practitioner Bonige Anandaiah of Krishnapatnam village, even as the Jagan Mohan Reddy government is going cautiously on giving permission for its distribution.

While the Nellore medicine has generated a lot of curiosity among the people, it has also become a subject of debate for the television channels. Almost every day, the Telugu television channels have been conducting discussions on Anandaiah’s medicine.

Particularly, two television channels – TV9 and ABN-Andhra Jyothy – have taken it up as a major issue confronting the state, rather than the Covid-19 pandemic itself.

Both the channels have taken a contradictory stand on Nellore medicine and holding debates in tune with their stand.

While TV9 wants prove the Nellore medicine as a hoax and that it was just a crude drug (Naatu mandu) with no scientific basis, ABN-Andhra Jyothy has taken a completely opposite stand to convey the message that Anandaiah medicine has cured thousands of people and so, the government should give permission for him to distribute the same.

Popular TV9 anchor Rajanikanth is going all out against the hype created for the medicine and he is choosing the participants in the debate who suit his arguments.

The channel even is trying to bring out the cases of people who did not get cured by Anandaiah medicine and in fact, had suffered a lot after consuming the same.

On the other hand, popular anchor of ABN-Andhra Jyothy Venkata Krishna is directly attacking the arguments of TV9 against Anandaiah.

He has been strongly defending the medicine and pitching for its distribution to the people. He is also suspecting the lobby of pharma companies behind stalling the distribution of the Nellore medicine.

Irrespective of whether the Nellore medicine is really a cure for Covid-19 or not, it has certainly been helping the channels to vie for increasing their TRP ratings!

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