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Fact Sheet: BJP Shocker To KCR

Fact Sheet: BJP Shocker To KCR

KCR's ploy to extract significant concessions from the NDA hit a major roadblock when Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announced in Parliament that Kaleswaram irrigation scheme would not be accorded national status. In other words, the project would not be funded by the Centre.

Stating that Polavaram will be the last project in the country to have been accorded such status, Gadkari declared emphatically that no other projects across the nation would be given similar privileges anymore in the NDA dispensation.

Although his speech was marred by repeated hooliganism from the TRS MPs, Gadkari was firm on his stance.

In recent times, the allies of NDA have expressed unhappiness at the short shrift being given to them and much against his will; Chandrababu Naidu was also forced to sever ties with the NDA.

Against this backdrop, KCR warmed up to the BJP in the hope that he could wrestle major favours from the saffron party.

The latest denial from the BJP camp has completely stunned the ‘pink boss’. 

Redesigning projects for personal interests in the name of people’s welfare and increasing the costs to astronomical proportions and then expecting the Centre to pay for every penny of it; surely there is a limit to a man’s greed?



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