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Exit polls: Edge to Eatala in Huzurabad, YSRC in Badvel

Exit polls: Edge to Eatala in Huzurabad, YSRC in Badvel

With the closure of polling hours in the by-elections to Huzurabad assembly constituency in Telangana and Badvel assembly seat in Andhra Pradesh, various agencies have come out with exit poll results on Saturday evening.

While it is a foregone conclusion that the YSR Congress party will win the Badvel assembly seat hands down due to weak opposition parties – the BJP and the Congress, the battle in Huzurabad was very intense and the psephologists failed to read the people’s pulse before polling.

However, exit poll results indicated that former Telangana health minister and Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Eatala Rajender is likely to win the Huzurabad seat with a comfortable margin, if not big.

According to an exit poll conducted by Atmasakshi group founded by political strategist and psephologist Murthy, Rajender is 50.5 per cent of vote share in Huzurabad, compared to 43.1 per cent of votes by TRS candidate Gellu Srinivasa Yadav. Congress candidate Balmuri Venkat will end up with just 5.7 percent votes.

He said Rajender is expected to get a majority of around 10,500-12,300 votes over the TRS candidate. In the last elections, he won the seat with over 40,000 votes majority. While unhappiness among the various sections of people towards the TRS government is the major reason for the BJP victory, the Dalit Bandhu scheme had little impact on the electorate.

According to the survey conducted by People’s Pulse, the BJP will get nine per cent votes more than the TRS. The sympathy factor, personal image and support of youth will help Rajender win the seat.

Another exit poll survey conducted by Koutilya Solutions said the BJP would get 47 per cent of votes, compared to 40 per cent of the TRS. The Congress would get only eight per cent of votes.

According to the exit poll conducted by Poll Laboratory, Rajender will win the Huzurabad seat with a huge margin of 23,000 votes. He will get 51 per cent of votes, while the TRS will get only 42 per cent votes. The Congress will get only three per cent votes.

So, it’s going to be a debacle for the TRS in Huzurabad!


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