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Exclusive: Why Pawan took sudden plunge into politics?

Exclusive: Why Pawan took sudden plunge into politics?

An idea changes the life of a man completely, says advertisement. One does not know how far it is correct, but one cinema has certainly changed the mind of a top Telugu film star completely and made him a take a U-turn in his career.

He is none other than power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan.

He had lot of plans to execute before the release of his latest film Agnyathavasi, but he did not get enough time.

As a result, Pawan reportedly prepared a route map for his career if there is a success talk for the film after its release.

As part of the route map, Pawan would meet his fans first in the USA, where his film Agnyathavasi was bought for an exorbitant rate.

The buyer in the US had released the film in the maximum number of screens which was a record for any Indian film in the US. So, if there was a positive talk for Agnyathavasi, Pawan and director Trivikram were planning to go to the US during Pongal time.

After their return from the US trip, they were planning to have a meeting of Pawan Kalyan fans in Bengaluru, followed by a success function at Visakhapatnam.

However, all their plans went topsy-turvy with Agnyathavasi ending up the biggest disaster in the career of Pawan Kalyan.

This had changed the entire mindset of the power star. Till then, he was in a state of confusion as to how he should take forward his political career – whether he should go all out into politics or play an indirect role; and if he really had to go seriously into politics, when and how he should go about with it.

The failure of Agnyathavasi has opened his eyes. He realised that his days in the film industry are numbered and people are watching him seriously.

So, he took a sudden decision to go all out in the politics. Now, he is actively involved in politics and going ahead with his tours.

That is the fate. It is difficult to guess how one’s fate would turn in which direction!



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