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Eshwari Closes TDP Doors For Araku MP!

Eshwari Closes TDP Doors For Araku MP!

The defection of Giddi Eshwari, YSR Congress party MLA from Paderu, into the ruling Telugu Desam Party, has jeopardised the political career of Araku MP Kothapalli Geetha.

Geetha, who got elected on YSRC ticket from the only ST constituency in Andhra Pradeesh and the second largest Lok Sabha constituency in the country, resigned from the party.

Though she later got associated with the TDP and attended its meetings, she did not formally join the party.

As a result, the TDP leadership started ignoring Geetha. She could not find a place in the Tribal Welfare Council and an angry Geetha made serious comments against TDP president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

She even said she had nothing to do with the TDP. Later, she changed the tune again and started praising Naidu, but still, she did not get a positive response.

During the recent balloon festival at Araku and the Agritech summit at Visakhapatnam, Geetha did not get the official invite.

In the meantime, the MP continued to attack the YSRC and its president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, as a result of which she was hounded by the YSRC leaders.

Ironically, Eshwari, who was till recently in YSRC, even filed a case against Geetha, stating that the latter didn’t belong to the ST and that she had produced fake certificates to contest from Araku.

With Eshwari joining the TDP, the doors are virtually closed for Geetha into the TDP.

She cannot come back into the YSRC, since the party has already started grooming alternative leadership in Araku.

She would have avoided all these troubles had she officially joined the TDP. And now, she is neither here nor there!



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