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Ending Kamma Legacy Is KCR's Goal

Traditionally, the Velamas have always been staunch supporters of the TDP both in AP and Telangana with the lone exception of KVP Ramachandra Rao who was the man 'Friday' of YSR.

This bonhomie between the two communities has now undergone a drastic change in Telangana with the emergence of KCR.

A community that always played second-fiddle to the Kammas now has one of their own as the king. And judging by the actions of KCR, he is clearly intent on ensuring that the legacy of the Kammas in Telangana at least is put to an end.

While he has accommodated Tummala Nageswara Rao from that community in his cabinet, it was more out of political compulsion than anything else as he strengthens himself in that bastion.

The way he made life miserable for ABN Radhakrishna is now a part of Telangana folklore. And the fact that there was absolutely no commemoration or acknowledgement of any sort from KCR or the government on NTR’s 20th death anniversary only reinforces the theory.



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