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Earthquake Problem For Prakasam Barrage

Earthquake Problem For Prakasam Barrage

Vijayawada is being considered for the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Infrastructure is a key for any city and a thorough research should be done on any place especially when it is being considered for the state capital.

Two years ago, a study was done by the Geological Survey of India (GSI) and they submitted their report to the central government stating that Vijayawada is a moderate earthquake sensitivity zone.

According to this GSI report, there are couple of places in Vijayawada which are vulnerable and has got potential source of earthquake occurrence.

Prakasam Barrage, Kinnerasani-Godavari area and Gundlakamma are the places listed in this report.

Experts stated a highly susceptible liquefaction zone at 5 meter depth near Prakasam Barrage and the State Government should definitely take this into consideration if they are planning to build any kind of major project close to this place.

Even the professors from various universities felt the same and warned the government to make sure to have back-up or counter plans if they are building any kind of projects or a large-scale constructions around these suspected areas.

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