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DS Drifting Away From TRS?

DS Drifting Away From TRS?

D Srinivas who was advisor to TRS, gave up his post and moved to Rajya Sabha. However, ever since the ex-Congressman went to RS, talk is that he has been drifting away from TRS.

Those in Delhi say that he has been bumping into AICC president Sonia Gandhi rather often and that they have been exchanging pleasantries.

Also, since he now spends much time in New Delhi, he is constantly in touch with senior Congress leaders.

It is being said that Sonia has been advised to take suggestions from DS regarding state Congress.

Recently, DS had questioned about the progress and work of Telangana government regarding state tourism.

Being a member of TRS, it surprised many when DS chose to raise the issue at the Centre. Many eyebrows are being raised about Srinivas' proximity with Telangana Rashtra Samithi.



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