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Dreaded Paritala Regime Back In Anantapur?

The way the Telugu Desam Party activists went on rampage and rigged the bye-elections at Kanaganapalli mandal praja parishad in Anantapur district on Wednesday showed that the dreaded Paritala regime is back in the district.

According to reports, TDP activists supporting minister Paritala Sunitha and her son Paritala Sriram resorted to strong arm tactics and threatened the YSR Congress party workers and even assaulted them, even as local police and the revenue authorities remained silent spectators.

The YSR Congress party leaders alleged that the officials declared that the election was completed, though no polling had taken place.

The police did not take any action against the Paritala group, though the YSRC leaders lodged a complaint well in advance. They demanded that the Kanaganapalle MPP by-election be cancelled.

“It was a sheer misuse of official machinery and coercion by the ruling party. Though the TDP had no numbers to win the post, its leaders resorted to intimidation of the Opposition party,” YSRC spokesman Vasireddy Padma said.

“The numbers are clearly in favour of YSR Congress and for the past few days the ruling party members have unleashed terror and appeasement tactics to manipulate the numbers,” she said.



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