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Don't You Know The Difference?

"Due to some technical reasons, the Central government could not give us special status. But they promised to make up for it by giving us a special package with similar facilities.

I would like to question those who are opposing special package as to what is extra in special status. We will fight for legality to special package and will not spare the Centre in this regard," said Chandrababu Naidu.

If the Centre gives Rs 100 crore to AP under special status, then 90% of the amount i.e. Rs 90 crore would be in the form of a grant and AP would only have to repay Rs 10 crore. That is the advantage of special status.

Does the special package confer the same benefits on the State? Besides, Chandrababu Naidu’s warning of not sparing the Centre is really amusing.

There is absolutely nothing he can do to the NDA and only by being in their good books can he stay out of trouble in the Stephenson case.



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