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Didn't Mahesh Stand By His Word?

Didn't Mahesh Stand By His Word?

Noted film production house PVP has complained against director Vamsi Paidipalli, alleging that he is making a film for others, though it should have been made under the PVP banner.

In fact, Vamsi has agreed to do another film for PVP after “Oopiri.” The film did run well, but because of the huge production cost, it could not recover its investment.

But, both Nagarjuna and Vamsi agreed to do one more film each for PVP so that the loss for Oopiri does not become a big issue.

Nagarjuna is doing Raju Gari Gadi-2 for PVP. At the same time, Mahesh, too, has promised to another film for PVP after the miserable failure of Brahmotsavam. Since Vamsi also has made a promise, PVP was planning to produce another film with Mahesh-Vamsi combination.

In the meantime, some differences cropped up between Vamsi and PVP. So, Vamsi announced that he was making a film with Mahesh under a different banner. Obviously, PVP is angry as Vamsi not only broke the promise, but also made Mahesh ditch him. So, PVP is now targeting Vamsi.

Though he is also angry with Mahesh, he does not want to rub such a big hero on wrong shoulder. So, he filed a case against only Vamsi.

It remains to be seen whether Vamsi and Mahesh would come a step down and do a film for PVP or pay him compensation. And the loss on Oopiri is no small – it is around Rs 21 crore!



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