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Did Bandi Sanjay score 'self-goal' on KTR Delhi tour?

Did Bandi Sanjay score 'self-goal' on KTR Delhi tour?

It appears that BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay has scored a 'self-goal' by damaging the interests of his own party on the issue of BRS working president and IT minister K T Rama Rao undertaking a tour to Delhi to meet union ministers, including Amit Shah.

Bandi Sanjay has made contrasting statements on this issue and has become a laughingstock.

When news about KTR meeting union ministers, including Amit Shah, broke out on Thursday, Bandi Sanjay reacted strongly, terming it a 'big conspiracy' hatched by BRS and Congress to bring down the graph of BJP in Telangana. The aim was to mislead people and project that BRS and BJP were one.

After KTR met Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday, Sanjay reacted rather strangely, saying it's common for union ministers to give appointments to CMs and ministers arriving from states to discuss official works, and there's no big deal in it.

These raised questions about why Sanjay termed KTR meeting union ministers as a 'conspiracy' and why he took a U-turn within 24 hours.

KCR adopting a soft stand towards BJP and attacking Congress in all the recent public meetings has already fueled rumors that BRS and BJP have patched up to check the rise of Congress in Telangana after the Karnataka Assembly polls.

KTR going to Delhi and meeting BJP ministers all of a sudden has given credence to these rumors.

Now, Bandi Sanjay's U-turn on the KTR Delhi tour issue has added fuel to speculations that BRS is the B-team of BJP.


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