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Crowds Shouted 'Siddham' For YS Jagan's Clarion Call

Crowds Shouted 'Siddham' For YS Jagan's Clarion Call

YCP Shankharavam, which initially resonated in Uttarandhra, now reverberates throughout the entire state.

YCP leader and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy commenced his speech at the grand assembly held in Dendulur of Eluru district today, expressing his readiness for the upcoming election battle.

The YCP ranks responded enthusiastically, pledging to join him on the battlefield against the opponents. Jagan's speech unfolded in a highly emotional atmosphere.

"Are you ready for another historic victory? Are you prepared to lead our party towards an administration that will redefine the history of every household in the state and the future of the underprivileged?"

When Jagan posed these questions, the crowd clenched their fists and voiced their approval.

Are you all ready for the Great War on Evil? Jagan asked, and people responded with redoubled enthusiasm. The YCP ranks echoed "CM...CM," creating a frenzy in the entire assembly hall.

Jagan criticized, attributing the roles of villains in Ramayana and Mahabharata to Chandrababu Naidu, Eenadu, Andhra Jyoti, TV5, and Pawan Kalyan.

He pointed out that Chandrababu's covert allies and wolves in other parties have united against him, ready to launch attacks.

Despite appearing as a loner from their perspective, Jagan proudly asserted that the truth lies in the unity of his party lines and the immense support from millions of people.

He emphasized that Jagan is never alone, mentioning the opposition's alliances as yellow media and alliances.

Jagan expressed his faith in the army born out of belief in a leader and urged everyone to keep God above and his strength in their hearts. He emphasized that the response and love from the people are proof of their belief in a leader.

He emphasized that the public should focus their attack on the opposition, highlighting the welfare, goodness, and development initiatives undertaken by their government.

Jagan reiterated that every development in the state would only occur under his leadership as Chief Minister and the YCP government.

He accused the opposition of spreading lies and campaigning based on falsehoods.

He urged supporters to go door-to-door and explain the significance of the upcoming elections, emphasizing that it decides the future of their children and the welfare received in the state over the past 57 months.

Highlighting the 124 initiatives undertaken in 57 months, Jagan called on people to press two buttons for him in return.

He urged supporters to go to every house, emphasizing that not voting for him means supporting the opposition and approving the cancellation of welfare schemes.


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