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Cockfights at Janmabhoomi meetings!

Cockfights at Janmabhoomi meetings!

The Janmabhoomi programme, which is supposed to be a platform to receive representations from the people on various issues of their concern and resolve them immediately, has turned out be a pastime activity for the Telugu Desam Party leaders.

At Pithapuram of East Godavari district, the TDP leaders resorted to cock-fights to entertain themselves at the conclusion of Janmabhoomi programme, much to the amusement of the villagers.

Notwithstanding the presence of revenue and police officials and the high court rulings, Kakinada MP Thota Narasimham and MLA NVSN Varma conducted cockfights on the pretext of Sankranti celebrations at the valedictory of the Janmabhoomi-Maa Vooru programme.

A large number of people, mostly supporters of the MP and the MLA, from neighbouring mandals and villages gathered at the venue to enjoy the cockfights.

The MP and MLA took one cock each, brought by the party workers, and released them in the arena. The cocks fought as the people cheered on.

It may be recalled that the MLA went on record declaring at Uppada that it was impossible to stop cockfights which were part of the tradition.

But holding the cockfights as part of the state government’s prestigious Janmabhoomi programme is something unpardonable, say the locals.



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