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CM Ramesh Sidelined?

Having played a key role in the party prior to the elections, talk from within TDP is that CM Ramesh is being sidelined.

Where Sujana Choudhary is a union minister, CM Ramesh hasn't been given a notable post. Though he was spotted during the recent foreign tour of Chandra Babu Naidu, it is said that he had lobbied a lot for the same.

Also, he is not part of any working committees and neither has be been taken into some other slot. So in retaliation, CM Ramesh is said to have been absent from the party meeting yesterday.

Meanwhile, some of the party members feel that Ramesh who was very close to Babu during elections has been set aside in a rather questionable manner.

There is also an allegation that he was involved in ticket related talks, indulged in secret talks with IAS officers and has been holding meetings with members of other parties.

Well, at least this is considered to be the reason behind the party putting aside CM Ramesh.



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