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Chowdary May Lose Union Cabinet Post?

If the reports from the Telugu Desam Party are to be believed, Union Minister of State Y S Chowdary, better known as Sujana Chowdary, might lose his berth in the Union Cabinet in a couple of months.

According to party sources, Chowdary will be completing his Rajya Sabha term in March this year and it is unlikely that he may get renomination for the second term.

Apparently, Naidu is said to be not happy with Sujana Chowdary for promoting his own business interests rather than promoting the TDP at the national level. So, it is better to replace him with another senior TDP MP, sources quoting Naidu said.

In all four Rajya Sabha seats are going to get vacated this March, of which the TDP is likely to get three seats and the remaining one will go to the YSR Congress party.

Of the three, the TDP will give one seat to the BJP which might field M Venkaiah Naidu. Another Central minister Nirmala Sitaraman who was brought in as an MP in 2014 from Andhra Pradesh after she was made a minister in the Modi cabinet, will not get the renomination, if Venkaiah is preferred. She has to move to another State.



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