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Chiru Cares A Damn For Party Whip?

Chiru Cares A Damn For Party Whip?

At a time when the Congress party is making a hue and cry over the special catetory status to Andhra Pradesh, so as to get at least partial political mileage in the state, its own Rajya Sabha member and Megastar Chiranjeevi seems to be little interested in the episode.

Knowing pretty well that the private member bill introduced by Congress MP K V P Ramachandra Rao will come up for voting in Rajya Sabha on Friday, Chiranjeevi did not bother to attend the House.

Along with Chiranjeevi, a couple of other Congress MPs also skipped the proceedings, notwithstanding the fact that the party had issued a whip to all its members to take part in the voting.

It is different matter that the voting did not take place on technical grounds because of the doubt as to whether it was a money bill or not; and finally, it was sent to Lok Sabha Speaker.

Yet, it clearly shows the negligent attitude of Chiranjeevi towards the special category status issue.

Last week, he was forced to cancel his shooting and attend the Rajya Sabha following a call from Sonia Gandhi. This time, Sonia is in hospital and there was none to remind him about the voting.

So, Chiranjeevi returned to his shooting schedule and skipped the voting on special category status bill!



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