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Chiranjeevi to say good-bye to politics!

Chiranjeevi to say good-bye to politics!

It looks like megastar and Rajya Sabha MP K Chiranjeevi has decided to call it quits to politics and focus his energies on films.

It was evident from the way Chiranjeevi preferred to stay away from political scenario, at a time when the entire state of Andhra Pradesh is roiling with the injustice meted out to the state in the union budget and the Centre ignoring the implementation of promises made in AP Reorganisation Act.

The other Congress MPs like K V P Ramachandra Rao, T Subbarami Reddy, Renuka Chowdary and others were raising their voices demanding justice to the Telugu states, Chiranjeevi was conspicuous by his absence in the Upper House.

Even if one were to assume that he is busy with his forthcoming film Sye Ra, he should have made at least a statement in support of the demands of the other MPs.

“Even his brother Pawan Kalyan, who launched his Jana Sena Party, has started talking about injustice to AP in the budget, albeit belatedly and is now trying to form a joint action committee to fight against the Centre. But Chiranjeevi has not come out with even a single line statement on it,” a Congress leader said.

May be Chiranjeevi has decided to quit politics and so, he thought there is no point in talking about political issues.

“His silence has indicated that he is not serious about politics. If he doesn’t talk now and then continues in politics, people will reject him altogether,” the Congress leader added.

Since Chiranjeevi’s Rajya Sabha term comes to an end in a couple of months and there is no chance of he contesting again as the Congress has no MLAs in AP, he might have thought it is better to opt out of politics quietly.