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Cheap Politics Of Naidu And Jaitley

Cheap Politics Of Naidu And Jaitley

Faced with increasing criticism in backtracking over the special status to AP, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that there were technical difficulties in awarding the special status to AP.

If that is so, then how could Venkayya Naidu promise it in the sacred hall of Parliament and how come it was included in the manifesto of the BJP prior to the elections? Apparently, there were no technical difficulties then.

As for Chandrababu Naidu, what can be said about him? if you continue to hang around with a friend who has cheated you, who is to be blamed? The friend or you?

Knowing fully well that the BJP has no intention of honoring its promise, he shows no self-respect and continues in an alliance with them.

What’s more, in response to Jaitley’s statement, Naidu said that if the BJP does not want to give special status to AP, what other financial incentives they will give AP.

Nothing short of special status is acceptable to the people of AP. Mr. CM, you have already cheated the people of the State over the bifurcation of the State, please don’t cheat them over the ‘special status’ issue as well.

Saying that the people were against bifurcation, he allowed it to take place with his letter. Now by saying that people want a special status, he is making them have to settle for something far less than what was promised. Why? So that the BJP does not order any inquiry against him, later on regarding the corruption in the name of the new capital?




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