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Channels Crying Foul Is Blessing In Disguise For TRS

Two media channels have been blacked out in Telangana. Though the government continues to claim that it has no hand in banning them and claims that it was a decision taken by MSROs, it is quite obvious that it is their game plan to block TV9 and ABN.

Usually, if the government takes major action on a media organization, it becomes a huge public issue. Surprisingly, in Telangana, that is not the case. Though both the channels have been crying foul, nothing much has been done to lift the ban.

Though the channels have been claiming that such moves are a direct attack on press freedom, it is now being said that this could actually turn into a blessing for TRS during Medak by-polls.

During the campaigning phase of 2014 general elections, Pawan Kalyan’s vehement criticism against TRS actually helped the party to garner votes in interior Telangana.

All criticism leveled against TRS by Congress, BJP and TDP have translated into votes for TRS.

So, if one questions as to why KCR is letting the channels complain, then the answer is quite obvious – he wants the issue to result in sympathy votes for the party during the forthcoming by-elections.



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