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CBN's Health: Sadistic Pleasure By Spreading Rumors

CBN's Health: Sadistic Pleasure By Spreading Rumors

It is indeed a basic responsibility that people should not leak information about individuals' health issues unless the concerned families or doctors make an announcement.

For instance, ANR himself announced that he had a serious illness, and the entire media reported it afterward.

Similarly, Samantha announced her autoimmune disease.

There are many examples of various actresses, actors, and cricketers who have suffered from serious illnesses, but hardly any media or group played with their emotions by releasing the news prematurely against the will of the patients and their families.

However, in the case of Chandrababu, some people are deriving sadistic pleasure by leaking information about his health, claiming he is attending the Mayo Clinic for a serious ailment.

As Chandrababu's whereabouts are kept secret for unknown reasons, these groups are spreading rumors that distress the TDP cadre and admirers.

Opposition groups and media may criticize political matters, agendas, and public statements, but when it comes to health and personal issues, there should be some decency, decorum, and poise. Sadistic pleasure and lack of humanity cannot be welcomed by society.

Chandrababu Naidu, despite being disliked by many for political reasons, does not deserve this kind of sadistic treatment from the public.

As a former Chief Minister, he deserves respect and privacy, especially regarding matters of health.


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