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Cash-For-Vote Scam: Sujana Choudhary In Trouble?

After Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu, looks like Sujana Choudhary will also be dragged into Revanth Reddy's 'cash for vote' case.

It is being said that his name might be included in the FIR along with some other names. Meanwhile, following an enquiry, ACB tracked apart from the Rs 50 lakhs given by Revanth Reddy, the remaining Rs 4.5 crores was with some leading TDP leaders.

According to the story published in a newspaper, a Union Minister is said to be involved in the scam. Well, there are only two union ministers in the party, Sujana Choudhary and Ashok Gajapathi Raju.

Of them, Ashok Gajapathi Raju usually keeps off such matters and that leaves Sujana Choudhary. Also, Sujana Choudhary has connections with some Telangana leaders and he is a close aide of Chandra Babu.

So, it is being said that the funds could have been diverted through companies held by Sujana Choudhary. If this story is true, then it could mean trouble for Sujana Choudhary.

Already, names of MPs CM Ramesh and Garikapati Mohana Rao are being mentioned with regards to the case.



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