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Can Nagababu Confront Ganta In Anakapalli?

Can Nagababu Confront Ganta In Anakapalli?

Ganta Srinivas Rao is the kind of politician who has not been able to gain the trust of party leaders. 

He remained relatively silent in the TDP for four years, only becoming active just before elections. 

Two years ago, he attempted to join the YCP, but according to sources, Vijay Sai Reddy obstructed his entry. 

However, this time, there are speculations that Pawan Kalyan is preventing Ganta from receiving the TDP ticket. 

It is known in political circles that Pawan has been displeased with Ganta because he believes that Ganta mistreated Chiranjeevi during the PRP days. 

Additionally, even Chandrababu is unhappy with Ganta for the irresponsibility and opportunism he has displayed, as discussed above.

Therefore, Ganta is being denied the ticket, and not only that, even Ganta's relative who tried for a ticket from Anakapalli has also been denied.

Considering this situation, now the YCP is keen on bringing Ganta on board and making him contest against Nagababu from Anakapalli.

If that happens, it will be a tough game for Nagababu to face the experienced politician who has a hold on maneuvering the election.


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