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Can He Revive The Congress In Telangana?

Can He Revive The Congress In Telangana?

Rahul Gandhi is set to tour Telangana soon. While the primary objective of his visit is to console the farmers in Telangana region and look into the problems being faced by them, he is also likely to make a stop at Osmania University and interact with the students there.

Despite all that KCR said and did in tandem with the people of Telangana, it is a fact that but for Sonia Gandhi’s dream to see her son as the PM of India, Telangana would have never become a reality.

But clearly, the Congress failed to capitalize on this decision in electoral terms and conceded the advantage to the TRS.

Lack of charisma in the Congress leadership contributed to a certain extent. Now Rahul’s visit a year after the formation of Telangana couldn’t have been timed any better.

Also, he has chosen two very important segments: farmers and students, both of who played a crucial role in the T-agitation believing in KCR’s promises.

To date, an estimated 700 farmers have committed suicide in Telangana. And KCR told the students that government jobs would be theirs for the taking once Telangana was formed.

To date, not a single notification has been issued and the Osmania Campus is simmering with discontent. If Rahul manages to tap into the discontent of the farmers and students, then it could well prove to be the first important step towards the revival of the Congress in Telangana.