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Cadre Gave Big Shock To Atchen Naidu

Cadre Gave Big Shock To Atchen Naidu

Finally Kinjarapu Atchen Naidu reached his home in Nimmada after 88 days.

It is known that Atchen Naidu was arrested in ESI Scam and came out from prison on bail recently. He went on pilgrimage to Tirupati and Simhachalam first and then reached his home. 

But on his arrival he discovered that many of his cadre had jumped into YCP and were living peacefully there. 

There were not many instances when Atchen Naidu had spent time with the public before his arrest. He didn't come out due to the Corona crisis. He has confined himself to Amaravathi and Nimmada.

So, waiting for the right time till the arrest, the cadre has jumped to YCP. The arrest episode has shown him the true colors of the people who lived with him so far.


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