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Buzz: Pawan Kalyan Is The Lover Of Shortcuts

Buzz: Pawan Kalyan Is The Lover Of Shortcuts

What type of a man is Pawan Kalyan? Is he active or lazy? Is he committed or disloyal?

Those who work with him say that his character can be defined with the second adjectives in the above two questions.

He tends to take an easy path and hardly ventures to walk through the rough path. He's lazy and enjoys a cozy lifestyle.

He quickly gets exhausted and cannot hold on to an assignment for a longer time. He likes quick bytes of work, a longstanding one that commands commitment from him. He loves money more than work. 

His approach is the same, be it the politics or movies. 

Pawan has chosen an easy way by joining hands with Chandrababu assuming that to be a short cut for success. He didn't take the route of fighting his own fight all alone.

He wants someone to assist him or shoulder him. He has chosen Nadendla Manohar and CBN to support his political career and Trivikram Srinivas to take care of his film career.

Pawan is not a self made man. He got introduced to the world as the brother of Chiranjeevi and even now he's not showing his individual might. 

Looking at the recent development, Pawan Kalyan okayed a new movie in the direction of Sujeeth and that is known to all. DVV Danayya is bankrolling this project.

Many doubt how Pawan okayed this project when Krish's film itself did not get completed.

He could do Bheemla Nayak and Vakeel Saab easily because the number of working days he invested on those films were lesser.

But for Hari Hara Veera Mallu, it's a full length character where he has been struggling a lot to complete without missing the continuity aspects.

It is known that he signed on a film in the direction of Samuthirakani in which he needs to put in only 30 days for the shoot. It is said that even Sujeeth's film is something similar.

Though Pawan appears throughout the film all that he has to put in is a shorter duration of time.

Sources say that until twenty minutes after the beginning of the film Pawan doesn't appear on screen. It runs on a mafia backdrop and he plays the character of 'Original Gangster', #OG.

With this we have to understand that Pawan focuses only on the work that fetches him more returns with less efforts.

Not knowing this secret Harish Shankar has failed to impress him with his story. He should have met Trivikram at least once in the last few months. He's the priest in the so-called temple of Pawan Kalyan!


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