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Buzz: Film Personality Exploiting A Rich Man

Buzz: Film Personality Exploiting A Rich Man

Celebrities in the movie industry often expect various perks in society, particularly the actors and their relatives. They anticipate receiving complimentary items wherever they go, considering it a form of recognition.

While they promote the public to support the film industry by purchasing tickets for movie screenings, they themselves frequently enjoy free access via Qube from the comfort of their homes. This puts a burden on those around them out of a sense of obligation.

It's not that they lack the means to pay for these services; rather, they view it as their entitlement to take advantage of others. This trend is well-established in Tollywood.

If such individuals transition into politics, the repercussions could be severe. They might continue exploiting those around them for personal gain on a larger scale.

One film personality is aiming to contest from a political party in Uttarandhra. Prior to this, a wealthy individual was introduced to him, who is also interested in contesting from a different area.

Currently, this wealthy individual is supporting the film personality in Uttarandhra, offering not just transportation and accommodation in a large house, but also arranging meals for him and his supporters, all at his own expense.

It remains uncertain whether the ticket has been secured for this wealthy individual. However, it's evident that he is showering attention on the film personality turned politician, and the latter is fully capitalizing on the situation.

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