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BJP's Strategy to Defeat TDP-Jana Sena Combo

BJP's Strategy to Defeat TDP-Jana Sena Combo

The election heat is on. The TDP and Jana Sena combo may believe that some wonders could happen down the line in their favor to dethrone YCP. However, looking at the developments, it seems the BJP is putting a checkmate on the TDP-Jana Sena combo with their master plans.

It is known that Chiranjeevi is being honored with the Padma Vibhushan by the BJP government. Many conclude this as a move to please the majority of Kapu voters.

Moreover, according to highly reliable sources, the BJP is also planning to come up with the slogan "Kapu CM" in AP to shift the political dynamics towards the BJP.

So far, it is clear that if the TDP-Jana Sena alliance wins the election, the people can expect only a Kamma CM in the form of Chandrababu Naidu, not a Kapu CM.

Lokesh Naidu himself made it clear that Chandrababu would be the CM, and there is no dispute in that. So, Pawan Kalyan has no chance of becoming the CM.

Amidst this scenario, Kapus have no emotional reason to vote for Jana Sena or its ally TDP. They are either disappointed or disheartened.

Some among them are even contemplating keeping away from voting this time as their vote wouldn't yield any positive result that is close to their heart.

In this scenario, if the BJP contests in all 175 seats with the slogan "Kapu-CM," there would be a significant split of Kapu votes. If this happens, then the TDP-Jana Sena combo would lose the election.

We need to see what other moves the BJP has in store after this.


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