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BJP's Gag Order On Media

BJP President Amit Shah is highly angry at the media and holds it responsible for the negative perception of the Party in the public of late.

He believes that there is a section of media trying to portray the ‘Narendra Modi government’ in a poor light.

His remarks have resulted in the Union Home Ministry issuing a circular restricting the access of journalists to senior Home Ministry officials.

The circular states that no official other than the officially designated media spokesperson in the Ministry should interact with journalists.

Until now, media personnel accredited by the Press Information Bureau had unhindered access to senior officials of the Home Ministry, whose mandate covers a range of critical issues, including internal security, inter-state relationship, disaster management, border management and administration of paramilitary forces. This access is likely to be obstructed by the circular which was issued on Thursday.

This is becoming a common phenomenon across the country. When faced with criticism, governments are completely shying away from the media.

Kejriwal issued a circular banning media from his secretariat after assuming office, KCR threatened to bury the media some nine feet under the ground and now this.

Ironically, had it not been for the media, either positive or negative, these people wouldn’t have become household names and thereby come to power in the first place.



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