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BJP will unseat TDP in 2019: Purandeshwari

Bharatiya Janata Party’s resounding victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand states has emboldened some of its leaders to predict that the BJP juggernaut will roll on even in the South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh.

Though national leaders of the BJP have refrained from making any comments on the states like Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, where the NDA alliance partners are in power, some leaders have started predicting that the BJP would come to power in these states independently.

Particularly, senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Daggubati Purandhareswari, who is a bitter enemy of her brother-in-law and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, said the BJP would repeat its UP performance in Andhra Pradesh as well.

Expressing jubilation over the BJP's great victory in UP and Uttarakhand, Purandeshwari said even in AP too the lotus will rise and bloom in the next elections, as happened in Manipur where the BJP had little presence in the past. 

She said that the party was getting immense support from all sections of people and hoped that it would rise in AP too.

However, what Purandeshwari is not aware that the people of Andhra Pradesh were terribly angry with the BJP for denying special category status to AP and in the next elections, the BJP might not win even a single seat. In fact, the TDP,  too, is facing the stigma of having alliance with the BJP.



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