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BJP Plans To Emerge Alternative To TRS

With the Telugu Desam Party almost wiped out and the Congress party deeply in low spirits, the Bharatiya Janata Party has started moving its pawns to emerge as the best alternative to the Telangana Rashtra Samithi by 2019 elections.

Senior BJP leaders of Telangana, who apparently got the green signal from the top leadership, have started consulting various intellectuals and senior journalists to work out the strategies to grow as a powerful force by 2019. It has already started implementing its agenda in this direction in a well-planned manner.

As part of its strategy, the BJP has unleashed its two-pronged campaign, firstly to make the people believe that its government at the Centre has been doing quite a lot and releasing huge funds for the development of the State, and secondly to highlight that the TRS government was not functioning effectively and it was not even spending the funds provided by the Centre and that the funds released by it were not reaching the people.

Right from the BJP National president Amit Shah to every party leader, including the Central Ministers, are harping on these points during their visits to the State, and they are also making it clear that family parties cannot provide good governance and ensure development, and the BJP alone can provide people-friendly rule and ensuring development.

The state BJP leaders are also indulging in campaign against the TRS government on various issues like Mallannasagar Project and implementation of Double Bed Room House Scheme.

As the BJP leaders are repeatedly contending, it is the only alternative to the ruling TRS in the State. The TRS leadership is of the view that the BJP would not give up its alliance with the TDP in order to achieve its goal of forming the government in the State. Watch out for more interesting developments in the coming days!



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